Gorilla Conservation Camp

Gorilla Conservation Camp

Gorilla Conservation Camp is one of Bwindi’s budget lodges that offers the wilderness experience-like accommodation on a gorilla safari to the park. Nested in the Buhoma sector of Bwindi park,  in Buhoma Village, CTPH Gorilla Conservation Camp is in close proximity to the entrance of the national park and other places to visit including the Batwa Village.

For those who don’t want to splash out on staying in one of the high-end lodges and also want to give something back to a local project, CTPH Gorilla conservation camp offers rustic but comfortable accommodation for tourists, students and researchers and puts 100% of profits towards gorilla conservation.

Today the camp has shifted to a new site with a clear panoramic stunning view of the top of beautiful Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The camp is currently offering three tents with two single beds and camping facilities.
The camp is also home to CTPH’s Gorilla Research Clinic, which you can visit during your stay. The clinic works in conjunction with Uganda Wildlife Authority to analyze samples from gorillas, domestic animals and sick people through a partnership with Bwindi Community Hospital and local government health centers, to help prevent the spread of disease between the local population and the gorillas, helping to conserve the endangered mountain gorilla.

Bwindi is home to half of the 880 mountain gorillas in the world and staying at CTPH Gorilla Conservation Camp you are helping to ensure their survival. The camp has a new Guest House with four self-contained rooms together with two tents based around a shaded dining area set amongst the trees.

What Gorilla Conservation Camp offers

  1. Single or double rooms in rustic, clean, spacious furnished tents and a guest house
  2. Complimentary breakfast service
  3. Optional lunch and dinner service
  4. The spacious thatched dining room and social area
  5. Convenient access to gorilla tracking trails, nature hikes, fishing and bird-watching
  6. Solar-powered electricity
  7. Camp toilets, sink and hot showers
  8. Linen and towel service
  9. Friendly knowledgeable staff.

Tourist activities at Gorilla conservation camp

  1. Visiting the Batwa people
  2. Gorilla tracking
  3. Nature walks
  4. Village tours
  5. Visit gorilla clinic

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