travel with pets in a car rental

Is it okay to travel with Pets in Rental Cars?

Do you want to travel with pets in a car rental but you are not sure if it is allowed? In Uganda, it is to the best of our knowledge that pets are part of the family and you need to get along with them while on your vacation. While pet policies may vary from one car Hire Company to another and country to country, most of them do accept pets in their car rentals and if you are lucky enough even at no additional cost. In most cases, they are allowed but one has to adhere to set terms and conditions of a particular car rental agency that include among others keeping the vehicle clean and how you have to look after your pet.

For those who are responsible enough, this may not be that a big problem but most importantly, it is always advisable that you get to know the stipulated terms and conditions for you to travel with pets in a car rental. Normally, car rental companies are concerned with the cleanliness of their vehicle and this means that you may incur an extra charge if you do not return the car clean and free of odors. The charge may vary from one Car Rental Company to another but in most cases, you may part away with a cleaning fee of about $125. This also means that if your dog or any pet caused unreasonable damage to car hire, you are liable for an additional charge to repair the vehicle. Usually, some car hire company recommend that pets be in an approved carrier while in the vehicle while others the policies may differ depending on the area of your visit. To be on a safer hand, better that you make a call and inquire more about pet policies in a car rental company you intend to deal with while on your holiday and also the likely charges.

Tips to help you on your safari while traveling with pets in a car rental

  • Always be keen when getting the dog or any pet in or out of a car just to avoid the damaging pain work
  • Make the best use of seat protector/blanket to help stop excess dog hair getting over the seats
  • Make sure that you thoroughly vacuum the vehicle after use and make it fresh for the next user. The car should be cleaned thoroughly and get it of any lingering pet hair.
  • Ensure that your pets or dog is carefully strapped in a safe position in the boot/a crate. Smaller pets must be put in the suitably good transportation box
  • The car rental must smell fresh for the next user
  • Do not leave your dog/pet in a parked vehicle. This is because the car can easily heat up in the course of the day and may make your pet heatstroke.
  • Make sure that you have broken after a given period of time for you and the pet to walk and stretch as well as to allow your pet defecate outside. Ensure that you have kept water and snacks and the dog/pet shouldn’t overeat.
  • Your pet should also have a passport or proof of anti-parasite treatment

In conclusion, traveling with pets in a car rental is lovely and before you think of renting a car for a safari and you wish to travel with your pet, it is important that you first inquire if policies in the car hire company you intend to deal with allows you to travel with a pet in a car rental.

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