Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park at a Glance!

Plan, Discover and Explore the Hidden Treasures of Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park is one of the most isolated national game parks in Uganda lying in the rugged, semi-arid valleys of Uganda’s border that is shared with Sudan and Kenya. The park, that can be reached after a 700km drive from the Capital, Kampala is gifted with unique wildlife game like no other park in Uganda boasting with over 70 mammal species and a humming 475 bird species for those who are interested in bird research or bird watching trips.

Kidepo Valley National Park was first gazetted as a national park in 1962, but only a few enthusiastic travelers who take a trip to this valleyed national park can truly share with you the wilderness experience you can experience in this wild frontier region of Karamoja which makes it a true fulfillment of African safari experience. During the dry season, the only permanent water in the park is found in wetlands and remnant pools in the broad Narus Valley near Apoka. These seasonal oases, combined with the open, savannah terrain, make the Narus Valley the park’s prime game viewing location.

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Top Tourist Activities in Kidepo Valley National Park

Game Drive Safaris in Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo valley national park is heavily gifted with unique carnivorous mammal species which include; cheetah, striped hyena, caracal, bat-eared for and aardwolf besides other carnivores common in other wildlife areas; lions, leopards, spotted hyenas, black-backed jackals, serval, cats, side-striped jackal, civets amongst others. If you are lucky on your game drive, you may ram  into a pack of hunting dogs on some occasion. The elephant, buffalo, Burchell’s zebra, Rothschild’s giraffe, eland, bushbuck, duiker, Bohor reedbuck, Jackson’s hartebeest, waterbuck, Uganda kob, bush pig, warthog, oribi and many others are also very common during a game drive in the areas of Narrus and Kidepo Valleys.

Bird Watching Safaris in Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo is gifted with over 475 species of birds which bird lovers can, of course, take a glance at. Apoka Rest Camp one the leading accommodation places in the park offers a great spot to begin your Kidepo birding experience. Birding can also be done on the fringes of the Narus and Namamukweny Valleys. Among the birds seen are the Abyssinian Roller, Purple Heron, Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, and Clapperton’s Francolin, which is found only in Kidepo. The activity can be arranged both in the morning and evening.

Nature Walks Through the Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo valley national park is a beautiful Uganda travel destination with amazing attractions. The beautiful landscape with breathtaking sceneries is captivating and enchanting. Travelers who want to feel the urge to traverse the wilderness, wander into the beautiful savannas and discover the beauty underneath on a guided nature walk.

A successful nature walk can start very early in the morning from Apoka Wildlife Authority offices where you meet up with the ranger escort to guide you throughout. The ranger will help you share amazing wilderness experiences, give you a high sense of comfort and security besides having knowledge of recent sighting areas of attractions.

Explore the Kanangorok Hot Springs

The Kanangorok hot spring is a true testimony of Uganda as a travel destination that never runs out of surprises. Accessing the real site of the hot spring is not an easy undertaking but worth the challenges. The travelers wade through bush littered with tall grass, thorny acacias, thickets, and bush. To the adventurers, this is an opportunity to get authentic wilderness experiences. The Kanangorok hot spring is nestled between hard rock where water boiled underneath the earth crust seeps through vents and it emerges from rock outcrops onto the surface.

Cultural Encounter with the ‘Ik’ Tribe People

The Ik is a tribe of traditional wilderness settlers who wandered into the Kidepo plains looking for the game to hunt, edible fruits, leaves, root tubers and colonies of bees to harvest. The Ik tribe has a unique custom of early child marriage and practice polygamy for prestige. The Ik tribe currently number 10,000- 14,000 individuals evacuated the Kidepo valley national park and settled in Morungole mountain ranges. They are a marginalized community caught in the mix between traditional culture and modern lifestyle. A visit to the Ik tribe is rich, rewarding and an opportunity to share life experiences with a rare community that truly lives an authentic African traditional lifestyle.

Hiking to the top of Mount Morungole

Mount Morungole Mountain range at 2,750m is the highest point in Kidepo Valley National park. The Morungole Mountain range located northeast of Apoka, covers, and marks large parts of the south boundaries of Kidepo valley national park. To enthusiastic adventurers, this arouses curiosity, wilderness adventure adrenalin and invites exploration and discovering what lies underneath. To the adventurer on safari to experience the African life in its original form where communities lived with wildlife, Mount Morungole is an ideal spot to capture the top of magazine photographs that prove you right. The 8-hour hike to and from Mount Morungole brings adventurers in the heart of a less trampled tranquility and undoubtedly unique feelings and experiences that last forever on the adventurer’s mind.

Accommodation in Kidepo Valley National Park

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Highlights Summary

Size: 1,442km2

The park’s altitude ranges between 914m and 2,750m above sea level.

The park contains two rivers – Kidepo and Narus – which disappear in the dry season, leaving just pools for the wildlife.

The local communities around the park include pastoral Karamojong people, similar to the Maasai of Kenya, and the IK, a hunter-gatherer tribe whose survival is threatened.

Kidepo VNP in Pictures

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