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The Best Roads for Self drive in Uganda

Nothing makes an exciting journey of self drive in Uganda than driving and winding through well-maintained roads upcountry where you’ve rented a vehicle is great to maneuver the Terrain. Most of the Roads radiating out of Kampala are incredibly and well maintained but a few off-the-track routes are still in bad shape which requires you to plan right before you get behind the wheels. Self drive in Uganda is very much possible and impressive when you get used to the other road users in Uganda and the road conditions. There are few or no road signs on most graded roads upcountry which requires you driving carefully with self-belief. We bring to you some of the roads you can include or you should consider driving on through Uganda on a self-drive option. Kampala Mbarara road driving through this well-paved road from Kampala through Masaka to Lake Mburo is a great start and instills confidence for every first time drivers in Africa and Uganda. This road is well paved with many drivers and yes little crazy drivers. The road also takes you through the equator which is always a great stop for a cup of coffee, window shopping and welcoming photo moments at the zero degrees equator line. Through the exciting villages and towns, this road will lead you to Lake Mburo National Park, an impressive start for wildlife viewing, boat cruise, horseback safaris, and walking safaris. Kabale – Kisoro RoadThe windy road ascending and descending through the rolling hills of Kabale to the extreme south of Uganda is extraordinarily impressive but only for those that love being behind the wheels. It usually feels like you are playing a video game or reflects memories of the swizz mountain Alps. Commonly referred to as the “small Switzerland of Uganda” The southern of Uganda is also branded the Mother of Pearl on grounds that Uganda is the Pearl of Africa. This same road takes you through the most beautiful areas of Uganda, the best views of the snaking lake bunyonyi, the views to the chain of the volcanoes, mist covered rainforests and a beautiful lake Mutanda beneath. The road as well leads you to the home of the mountain Gorillas. Get up close and personal with Uganda mountain Gorillas of Bwindi a self drive in Uganda from Orte Tours car rental services.

Bwindi, Ishasha to Queen Elizabeth N.P Road

Descending from the mountains to the seemingly flat terrains and plains of kihihi-ishasha is an impressive drive with extraordinary encounters. The views in the forest of Bwindi, the cool fresh breath, the monkey encounters if not bush elephants, the local life that later leads you to ishasha for the famous Tree climbing lions of Ishasha. The rolling Hills and incredibly scenic views are a must see and drive through areas. The tree climbing lions of ishasha are incredibly fascinating as you encounter a pride hitching and lazily resting on the horizontally positioned huge Fig tree branches. Driving the remaining 70kms to the northern sector through the Maramagambo and Rwenshama fishing villages overlooked by an escarpment is more of a game drive with a lot of wildlife encounters part of the bio-diverse Queen Elizabeth National park.

Fort portal Crater Lake drive Road

The recently graded road through the impressive crater lakes is surely a great idea to drive through. All the way from the outskirts of the Kibale forest park through the kasenda craters is incredibly beautiful. Driving and viewing the craters from above is incredibly breathtaking. This is a recommended road when you would want to connect to Kibale forest for chimpanzee tracking ar the other way round if you would want to connect to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Mount Elgon - Moroto - Kotido to kidepo Road

There is no road in Uganda culturally endowed like the Karamoja stretch. The ever-improving road, graded and paved in some areas truly defines Africa and a hidden treasure. Starting from Mount Elgon, through Pian Upe, Kotido and finally leading to the Hidden treasure of the wilderness; Kidepo Valley National Park. The cultural encounters in kotido would lead you visiting the biggest cultural manyatta village and different Karamojong people. There has been a lot of government intervention and NGO help extended to this area of Uganda and this has seen it continuously develop.

All Roads in Uganda are quite in great shape because it has been more of government concern in the past 5 years and yes these have been greatly improved. All roads are passable with your rented car on Self-drive or preferably Guided tour. Our 4W vehicles among our Fleet are perfectly maintained to handle all the terrains in Uganda.

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