Uganda Chauffeur Hire


Oret offers chauffeur hire service because we know that as a discerning traveler in Uganda you require an effortless, seamless and standardized chauffeured service. We have a competent team of drivers and trained tour guides who understand the specific requirements of a chauffeur. Our chauffeur hire service is not the usual “just a car with a driver”. Our chauffeur hire service will ensure that you will be driven by a fully vetted, experienced driver. If you are a tourist we will match the best-specialized tour guide to drive you and show you around Uganda. Our tour guides very experienced and reliable.

Whether you are a diplomat or a business traveler, our service will keep you safe and stress-free. Our superior service has been tested by a lot of travelers including foreign dignitaries, ministers, and celebrities who need a luxury & elegant style to travel to Uganda. We ensure complete security, whether you are traveling for business or leisure.

More to Know about Uganda Chauffeur Hire


Our trained chauffeurs will meet you, and transport you around in professional style. Wait for you while you conduct business making your journey seamless and enjoyable experience. We will even draw up an itinerary to take you around and recommend to you the “must see” local destinations throughout Uganda. We will be happy to work with your suggested itinerary.

All vehicles are fitted with satellite tracking systems and the latest satellite navigation. We will accommodate groups and/or individuals. An itinerary is optional; however, it is strongly recommended. We offer full and extended days of services.


For leisure clients, relax and enjoy the view for a change as you are driven in style and comfort without the hassle of having to Google map your way around the city, country or more specifically the Game Parks. We offer chauffeur throughout Kampala and Uganda famous tour Destinations


1600 cc with power steering - Maximum of 3 passengers. From $60
Mercedes C Class, Full House - Maximum of 4 passengers. From $100
7 seater (Including driver)From $150
10 and 14 seater (Including driver)From $130
Budget Rental with a driverFrom $ 75
Luxury Rental From $ 110
Super Luxury RentalsFrom $ 250